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Mia Odyssey Taking Back My Soul
Mia’s Odyssey: Taking Back My Soul

“I knew that, for the first time in my life, I had to fight back” – Mia Odeh

Mia Odeh was born in Palestine, where her life took a horrific turn at the age of 16 when her parents married her off to a violent and cruel man. He brought her to America, where she was alone in a strange culture, raising their 5 children in the midst of a sexually and emotionally abusive relationship with no apparent way out. But despite the cruelties she suffered, Mia never stopped dreaming of a different life for her and her children. This is the triumphant story of one woman’s journey through the depths of hell and back, a testament to the human spirit and triumph of willpower despite seemingly insurmountable odds. This story ultimately transcends Mia’s difficult experiences to offer courage and hope to any reader.

“A testament to the human spirit and triumph of willpower!”
– Detroit Free Press

Mia Odeh

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