Mia’s story should be a lesson to us all not to ignore the plights of others. That someone did step in and gave her a glimmer of hope, she did get help and support, and now we can read her story and marvel at her tenacity, despite everything…Heartrending, compelling, this is a story everyone should read. Highly recommended!

Susan Keefe

Midwest Book Review

Mia’s Odyssey is a testament to the human spirit and triumph of willpower despite seemingly insurmountable odds… Though not for the faint of heart, Mia’s Odyssey is life-affirming and shows the reader that love can conquer even in the worst situations…This is a book that will stay with you long after you’ve finished reading and warm your heart with its promising ending. Highly recommended.

John J. Kelly

Detroit Free Press

A champion mother’s testimony! Mia’s Odyssey is a memoir that surveys feminism, racism, ethnic violence, domestic abuse, parental rights and more. Reading this immersive and compelling story is an unforgettable experience. Very highly recommended

Grady Harp

Amazon Hall of Fame Top 50 Reviewer

Mia’s Odyssey is a compelling, uplifting book that can be difficult to emotionally digest… it is also rewarding because her will to survive is strong, her ability to bend but not break is admirable, her love for the children more powerful than the abuser’s muscles.

Brad Butler


Heartbreaking and rich with hope, Mia’s Odyssey reveals the resilience of the human spirit in the midst of the darkest situations. This story draws attention to issues of domestic abuse and intimate partner violence, and shows the critical role neighbors, police, and safe houses can play in helping women and children to escape such desperate situations. This is a must read.

Jessica Tofino

Educator and Writer

Mia’s Odyssey is a story about a mother’s life of courage, resilience, and determination with which she creates a new life for herself and her children. This is an uplifting book about moving past abuse. Mia focuses on pushing through the stages of trauma from an abusive relationship and creating a meaningful life.

Kurt Tyszkiewicz

Plymouth-Canton Community Schools

We are proud to have supported Mia Odeh as she exhibited determination, perseverance, and courage through her experience within an abusive relationship. Our police department values our role in supporting anyone coping with traumatic events by ensuring they are safe and providing resources to empower them toward a positive outcome.

Chad Baugh

Police Chief
Canton, MI

Mia Odeh’s memoir of surviving Domestic and Sexual Violence is a testament to the resilience of a survivor. Ms. Odeh had countless barriers in the way of her and her children’s safety, and one by one, she overcame them all to save herself and her children from violence. Ms. Odeh’s story shows the hard realities survivors of domestic violence face, but also the hope, help, and freedom that can be possible for survivors. Furthermore, Ms. Odeh’s story is an example of the love of a mother and her dedication to her children to free them from an abusive home and help them heal and thrive.

Lori Kitchen-Buschel

Executive Director of First Step
a Michigan Domestic and Sexual Violence Nonprofit Agency

I’ve been fortunate enough to call Mia a constituent and even more fortunate to call her a friend. Her story is one of courage and overcoming the odds. This book is a must-read.

Matt Koleszar

Michigan State Representative